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Our services include Oxygen Facials, Dermaroller(Micro-needling), LED Light Therap. We look forward to building strong trusting relationships with our clients. All treatments are performed by certified medical estheticians who are committed to extensive training. To achieve the best long-lasting results, our spa offers services using FDA approved latest technologies and products. Our highest priority is to ensure our clients always receive the best quality services and achieve the results they are looking for.

So many factors can cause wrinkles and fine lines such as loss of collagen and fat, inappropriate lifestyle, and damage from outside environment. Whit a little help of injectables, wrinkles and fine lines can be smoothed and diminished.


Botox can help to reverse wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. It can help to reduce the 11’s brow lines and crow’s feet to make a more youthful appearance. With lip flips and a brow lift, it can help to enhance the lip profile and facial expression.

Fillers is a good choice to help treat under eye hollowing and volume, and develop the kissable lips. It can restore volume, plumpness and firmness to aging skin. With non-surgical rhinoplasty, fillers can help to achieve symmetry and balance, create a more prominent jawline, mimic the appearance of higher cheekbones, and reduce the appearance of the `double chin’.

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Price list

Derma Medream

  • Hydration / Brightening / Anti-Allergic / Sensitive 90 Min|$138


  • Ultra Hydration / Ice Brightening / Phytocelltec Cellular 90 Min|$168

LA Colline

  • Cellular Vital Eye 20 Min | $78
  • Moisture Boost 90 Min | $168
  • Matrix R3 90 Min | $198
  • Anti-Aging Programme(Include Tripollar Therapy) 120 Min|$348
  • White Regenerating Peogramme(Include Tripollar Therapy) 120 Min|$348


  • Eye Instant Stress Relieving 20 Min|$78
  • Purifying 60 Min|$198
  • Prime Renewing 90 Min|$228
  • Clarifying 90 Min|$298

Tripollar Therapy

  • Tripollar Therapy(Include Neck) $68
  • Oxygeneo(Include Facial Treatment) 90 Min|$198
  • Back Oxygeneo(Include Back Acne Peel Treatment) 45 Min|$138
  • Hands Oxygeneo(Include Banarfenhand Wax) 45 Min|$138

Oxygen Ceuticals

  • Acne Peel 60 Min|$98
  • Astrodome Facial 60 Min|$198
  • LED Light 20 Min|$68


  • Dermaroller Dermaplaning Facial 90 Min|$168
  • Dermaroller Microneedling(Include Dermaplaning Facial) $300|3 times $780
  • Mesotherapy (Include Dermaplaning Facial) $680|3 times $1800
  • Custom-Designed Mesotherapy (Include Dermaplaning Facial) $780|3 times $2100
  • Restructure Mesotherapy (Include Dermaplaning Facial) $780|3 times $2100
  • Hair Care Treatment 8 times $880

Special Care

  • Facial Scrapping $58


  • Lip $25
  • Face $58