NativAge La Cure

NativAge La Cure


Always striving for the quintessence of anti-aging effectiveness, the researchers at La Colline have developed NATIVAGE La Cure, an intensive program for the youthful beauty of the skin, composed of four L’Essence in an airless pen bottles.

A pure concentrate of scientific expertise, its fine, delicate texture melts instantly into the skin to wield its benefits at the very heart of the epidermis, activating our gene and giving it the essential nutrients and minerals that it needs for our skin to maximize its Collagen Production.

Its application is a genuine well-being ritual that produces visible results in 28 days. The skin feels firmer, fuller and denser, yet wonderfully supple. Its texture is immaculately soft and silky. Glowing with a newfound radiance, the face recaptures its youthful beauty.

Content: 4 x 10ml

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